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    Project Details

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  • Location: Henry and Butts Counties, Georgia

Tussahaw Dam & Reservoir

Scope of Work:

  • 1,433 acre water supply reservoir – Included clearing and grubbing of dam, spillway site and entire pool area
  • Total excavation of flood plain was 350,000 cubic yards, construction of dam embankment was 800,000 cubic yards with conduit pipe, riser tower, secondary spillway and other drains
  • Project included furnishing and installing 500 linear feet of 78” diameter pre-stressed reinforced concrete pipe installed in a concrete cradle, construction of a concrete riser tower which was approximately 80’ high and a concrete bridge walkway connecting the dam and tower
  • This project incorporated a major reinforced concrete labyrinth spillway seated on approximately 300 auger cast piles,  a total of approximately 12,000 cubic yards of structural concrete was placed
  • Project scope included furnishing and installing internal dam drain systems (chimney drains and toe drains), consisting of solid pipe, perforated pipe, filter fabric, sand and other aggregates. In addition the project involved rip rap armoring of the dam face
  • AIS Infrastructure also performed clearing, mass grading, storm drainage and erosion control work at the adjacent water treatment facility