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Do it safe or not at all.


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Do it safe or not at all.

Safety is at the core of everything we do at AIS Infrastructure. Simply put, it’s how we do work – Do it safe or not at all. This value starts within our parent organization, ASRC Industrial, who is uncompromisingly committed to safety, objectivity, and accountability at every level. That same unrivaled commitment to safety is carried through by every employee at AIS Infrastructure.

Education and Training

All new and returning employees complete the New Worker Orientation program for a blueprint of success from the start. New workers are coached on JSA/ASA processes, weekly toolbox talks, equipment and tools inspections, and active hazard recognition. Additionally, if specific training is needed before arrival on a project, employees receive necessary instruction from qualified trainers.

The training blueprint continues as workers are introduced to their work area and project management leaders provide guidance, instruction, and oversite. Task AHA/JSA is used to identify task hazards and remediations, and task permits supplement targeted area of work. As new assignments arise, workers are provided additional training as needed to execute the task.

In conjunction with our parent organization, AIS Infrastructure partners with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) to provide skills training to our craft and project management leaders. NCCER’s programs provide consistency and quality to ensure craft professionals and other learners receive industry-recognized certifications and credentials, with training and assessments in more than 40 crafts and multiple construction disciplines.

Employee Programs

Stop Work Authority (SWA)

As a part of AIS Infrastructure’s culture to “Do it Safe or Not at All”, our Stop Work Authority (SWA) program promotes all employees to intervene if they observe an unsafe act or condition. Employees are expected to intervene with the individual or group and report the situation to a project management leader for a resolution.