Corporate Office: 423-671-7575

Steve Christensen

President, AIS Infrastructure Group

Phone: 209-968-1039

Mr. Christensen has over 40 years of documented success in overseeing all phases of construction operations. He has directly managed projects exceeding $200.0M and programs exceeding $495.0M, and throughout his time has held positions as a project manager, division manager, CEO/President, and construction advisor for over $9.2B of construction projects. His experience includes managing all facets of a successful construction company, managing multiple construction projects in both the traditional bid-build as well as the design-bid-build, and directly managing individual construction projects. Steve prides himself on his working knowledge of the construction industry including craft trades, equipment operations, contractual guidelines, project safety, and all direct and indirect management roles needed for all phases of managing a profitable, safe, and successful construction company.